A Pinning Marketing Strategy Using Pinterest

A complete social media marketing strategy should incorporate all the leading social media available. Of these Pinterest is of interest to marketers because it offers 27 percent greater conversion rate than Facebook and four times the conversion rate for Twitter. While some social media strategy for marketing is common to other platforms as well, Pinterest offers some additional scope.

Pinterest offers greater scope for visuals as opposed to text based marketing. However, the visuals should not be greater than 540 px though they can be as long as you wish. Additionally, when you need to introduce text as part of your marketing campaign, you can use a compelling visual and a headline linked to the text.


By creating a board that showcases your latest products and also your expertise, Pinterest can be used to sell products more quickly. For instance, a furnishings store can have a Pinterest board for interior décor that showcases the latest trends in furnishings. By including useful information about materials and color as well as tips for interior décor, the board can be made interesting enough to be repinned often and help increase sales significantly.


Studies show that Pinterest users are more likely to click through and complete a purchase when the price of the product is also included in the visual.


Repinned Pinterest visuals are perceived to be more trustworthy. As almost 80 percent of Pinterest visuals are repined this makes, this social media an ideal and marvelous space for marketing.


Almost 58 percent of Pinterest users are female. Additionally, they have a higher than average disposable income. Shoppers who reach a website via Pinterest are likely to spend 10 percent more than shoppers who arrive at your e-commerce site through other referrals. Many of the Pinterest users are interested in crafts, DIY, interiors, cookery, and fashion. Companies that operate in these spaces should make Pinterest a vital part of their social media marketing strategy.


Pinterest can also be used to increase search engine rankings. By using Pinterest to build back links to your website and providing compelling visuals for the board, you can ensure repinning that will increase the back links, something that search engines take into consideration when ranking web sites.


When building a Pinterest board, make sure the visuals have great keywords, a link to your main site, the price of the product, and call to action. Additionally, you need to make your profile interesting and informative, adding real value to the users. On your website include a Pinterest pin button to ensure that visitors can easily pin your products to their boards.


U.S. Consumers
While Pinterest is a salient and fantastic social media marketing tool globally, it is particularly useful in targeting U.S. consumers since 47 percent of them have made purchases based on Pinterest recommendations.


Sales Funnel
Marketing managers need to integrate Pinterest in their social media campaigns as studies have shown that it increases the number of visits to the site or what insiders call this: click through rates. As Pinterest works to increase visits to the broad end of the sales funnel, the marketing managers can use this to get visitors to the site and then convert them into actual sales.

Businesses can use dedicated social media companies to develop and maintain a Pinterest presence since this will pay off in terms of ROI. The social media companies will be able to ensure that the Pinterest board reflects all the best of the business.


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