Add Power to Your Online Marketing Campaign Using Google+

When it comes to online and social media marketing, many businesses focus on Facebook and Twitter. Another social media that businesses need to focus on is Google Plus. Google+ has been evolving to become ideal for social media and online marketing with many new features being introduced regularly. Google plus marketing services help improve SEO rankings as Google has linked its search engine and Google+ information to ensure that a total picture is presented. Businesses can benefit from the Google plus marketing tips that social media professionals are beginning to use.

 Google + Circles for Audience Engagement

Google+ allows you to create circles for different target audiences. While individuals have circles for family and friends, businesses can have circles for groups with different interests. By publishing engaging content that is useful for each circle and sharing them publicly, the business can soon increase followers and members. This will also help increase search engine rankings. Social media experts also use Google plus for businesses by creating circles that can be then targeted  with relevant information.

Google Hangouts for Personal Connections
Google+ has been developed to help businesses better communicate with their online audience. For instance, a business can use the Google Hangout to chat simultaneously with up to 10 people. Moreover, the Hangout enables voice and video communication as well. You can also opt to have a live broadcast of the Hangout interaction by simply clicking on the Enable Hangouts on Air option

Google+ Authorship for Credibility
Google+ Authorship should be part of Google+ marketing strategies for any business. Google plus also allows a business to increase its credibility by linking all online content using the Google+ Authorship and Google+ links. This will enable followers to easily locate other content published by the same author. As long as the business published engaging content, it can build its reputation as an expert and increase its credibility in the area.

Google Communities for Brand Interaction
A Google plus business strategy should also use Google+ Communities. These are essentially groups a business can create to communicate with and interact about special brands.

Google+ Marketing Event
Google+ Events is a tool that can be used as part of Google plus marketing services. Whether you post event information on the Google+ page or as part of the Google+ Circles or Google+ Communities, users of Google Calendar and Gmail can easily pass on the information to their contacts by sharing the information. This ensures that the business can quickly spread information about a webinar or real life event among interested members.

Google + for SEO
Google+ is a sterling way to increase search engine rankings as Google moves your site rankings if the number of followers in Google+ increase. This makes Google+ an important tool to increase search engine rankings. Google has linked Google+ and the Knowledge Graph to ensure that those who have more followers and current posts can be ranked higher.

Social Co. Google Plus Marketing Services:
While there are some similarities between other social media marketing and a Google plus business strategy, there are a few special features as well. Social Co. Advertising can help your business formulate a Google+ marketing strategy that as part of a complete social media campaign. Contact us to get started on this.


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