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    Social Media No Longer A Luxury For Business

    Posted by | Social Media |

    With the spread of social media usage, most businesses have at least a small social media presence as part of their marketing efforts. However, it is still considered more of a luxury as marketers and businesses have yet to be convinced of the ROI. However, social media marketing is set to become a necessity soon. To benefit from the many advantages of this new form marketing departments have to work toward integrating their social media efforts with their overall marketing strategy an


    A Pinning Marketing Strategy Using Pinterest

    Posted by | Social Media |

    A complete social media marketing strategy should incorporate all the leading social media available. Of these Pinterest is of interest to marketers because it offers 27 percent greater conversion rate than Facebook and four times the conversion rate for Twitter. While some social media strategy for marketing is common to other platforms as well, Pinterest offers some additional scope. Visuals Pinterest offers greater scope for visuals as opposed to text based marketing. However, the visuals